Seek for a position that allows me to continue learning new things and share my knowledge with others.
  • Advocate of Clean Code, Design Patterns, SOLID OOP Principles, Domain Driven Design, TDD, BDD, Hexagonal Architecture.
  • Advanced PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript development.
  • Basic image processing and optimization for usage as programming resources or web resources.
  • Database design: entity relationship, logical/physical, replication.
  • SQL data definition, retrieval and manipulation.
  • Familiarity with Windows, Linux and OSX platforms.
  • Software testing, quality control and assurance.
  • Technical and user documentation.
  • Agile Software Development (SCRUM); worked with Atlassian suite (JIRA, FishEye & Crucible, Confluence, Stash).
  • Active Stack Overflow user, occasional blogger.
  • Can speak HTTP/1.* over telnet.
& Projects
  • customized solutions using SugarCRM (2016 - present)
    • development and testing of customized solutions using SugarCRM;
    • Keywords: SugarCRM, PHP, Javascript, backbone.js, handlebars, Oracle 12c
  • DevOps (2017 - present)
    • maintenance of the existing internal tool chain for Continuous Integration, testing and deployment;
    • development and maintenance of new tools and workflows to support and improve the activity of the teams inside the department;
    • Keywords: shell script (bash), cron jobs, Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins, PHP, Ruby

  • development and maintenance of an internal system (2011 - 2016)
    • the system collects information about the charged back transactions (from card processors) and aggregates it into the database;
    • it produces various statistics on transactions: chargebacks vs. transactions, approval rates, own vs. partner, by site, by card processor etc.
    • it provides an API to make the information available to the sites that generated the transactions and provides support for chargebacks disputation;
    • created APIs for communication with other sites (own sites, partner sites, external service providers);
    • created helper tools for activity monitoring (command line tools for Zabbix, web pages);
    • implemented a dozen cron jobs that gather the chargeback information from remote sources (HTML emails, email ZIP attachments, remote XML, SOAP, SFTP, local files etc), convert it to a common format an store it in the database;
    • implemented cron jobs that compute aggregate information to let the web interface be light and fast;
    • wrote configurable modular deployment script;
    • implemented mechanisms for notification when the code encounters unexpected situations;
    • Keywords: PHP, MySQL, cron jobs, shell script (bash), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Symfony components
  • maintenance of an online social network (2010 - 2016)
    • maintenance and development of new features for an online project with millions of subscribers (thousands of users are online at this very moment);
    • improved performance of the old code (sometimes dramatically); by moving some heavy computation from MySQL to PHP, one script now processes 10 times more users per hour than before;
    • implemented APIs for communication with other company websites and internal systems;
    • developed a package similar to symfony/console to simplify the development of command line scripts and multi-threaded cron jobs;
    • provided support for email marketing; developed templates for transactional/batch emails and the code to send them using SendGrid or StrongMail;
    • found solutions for scalability/heavy traffic optimisations;
    • work using the Agile Software Development methodologies;
    • Keywords: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Scrum, Agile Software Development, TDD, pair programming, code refactoring, Git, Subversion

  • online support for marketing campaigns (2007 - 2010)
    Oracle Romania, Reader’s Digest Romania and others
    Business Results (www.results.ro)
    • about 110 small (2-3 pages) and 25 medium-sized (8-10 pages) online marketing campaigns, consisting of email layouts (invitations, confirmations, reminders, tell to a friend), presentation pages, registration/ordering pages, reporting pages, calendar files (.ics);
    • additional 40 email HTML layouts; reminder and notification emails for various offline marketing activities;
    • developed several templates for each campaign type and reusable components for the common aspects (reporting, configuration check a.s.o.);
    • achieved advanced (technical) knowledge about writing HTML emails which displays well (and consistent) in most email clients and webmail systems currently in use;
    • Keywords: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Flash ActionScript, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, A/B Experiment
  • www.accessorwise.ro (2009)
    Mosquito Studio SRL (importer of several famous brands watches and other accessories)
    • Online shop
    • Keywords: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, CodeIgniter PHP Framework, Prototype Javascript Framework, Scriptaculous Javascript Library, phpThumb PHP Library
  • Discover English with Ben and Bella for Nintendo DS (2009)
    Zone2Media, Germany (www.zone2media.de)
    • An educational game for kindergarten age children; it help the children learn English words and numbers while playing;
    • Keywords: Nintendo DS, C/C++
  • Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod for Nintendo DS (2009)
    Zone2Media, Germany (www.zone2media.de)
    • A set of three small casual games woven with quiz questions which help the player to deal with areas of contention in grammar, orthography, and punctuation – as well as unappealing and clumsy uses of the German language;
    • Based on the series of books with the same title;
    • Keywords: Nintendo DS, C/C++, OOP, BitEngineDS
  • customer:
    Zone2Media, Germany (www.zone2media.de)
    • The classical game of Mahjongg ported for the Nintendo DS console; fourty puzzles and three game modes: with time limit, free play (no time limit) and with checkpoints (to win the game, the player has to remove specific stone types);
    • Keywords: Nintendo DS, C/C++
  • customer:
    Zone2Media, Germany (www.zone2media.de)
    • A suite of casual web-games for Christmas
    • Keywords: Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP Object
  • customer:
    Minimodel Teh srl (importer for Piko, Noch, Mehano and several other brands well-known in branch)
    • presentation website and online shop for railway models;
    • forum integrated into website: the authentication of users on forum and online shop are synchronized; forum custom theme for an uniform look;
    • images and documents gallery;
    • SEO: the website was always placed on the first page (positons #4..#6) on SERPs for "trenulete electrice" on the major search engines;
    • Keywords: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, SEO

Old Projects:

  • NippleGate (2006)
    Zone2Media, Germany (www.zone2media.de)
    • Casual game. While walking on the catwalk, beautiful fashion models suffer various "accidents": a top falls off, a skirt tears or the hairdo falls apart. The people in the audience shout, the press frenetically takes pictures, pople suffer attacks. The player has to quickly remedy the appearing situations by mending clothes and calming the audience down with various ingenious solutions. He has to be fast and imaginative and everything will be fine.
    • Keywords: BlitzMax
  • Asilympics (2005)
    Zone2Media, Germany (www.zone2media.de)
    • Funny game for one or two players; does not require any user special abilities more than pressing a couple of keys as fast as one can. The fun is created by characters' look and actions;
    • Keywords: BlitzMax
  • customer:
    Zone2Media, Germany (www.zone2media.de)
    • An economical simulation game. Player's goal: build a whole empire in the erotic business by producing and selling erotic toys, print and video materials, hotline services. The player has to set up his offices, buy production machines, design products, hire/fire designe artists, models and workers, build a distribution network and outrun the competition. Do all these to raise an empire and become the king of erotic products;
    • Versions in other languages (English, Italian, Dutch, Russian) were developed later;
    • Keywords: Macromedia Director
  • customer:
    Zone2Media, Germany (www.zone2media.de)
    • A mix of economic simulation and arcade game. You start low as owner of a small fast-food trailer and have to climb up the ladder until becoming the head of an impressive and successful restaurants chain and of the Mafia. Create tasty kebap recipes, buy and sell smuggled merchandise, gamble on dog races, send beaters to intimidate the competitors then buy their restaurant at lower prices, do favors to the ones more powerful than you. The ultimate goal: crush the competition and become the one and only boss of the local Mafia.
    • The first version was followed by a "Gold" version and versions in several other languages (English, Italian, Russian);
    • Keywords: Macromedia Director

Older Projects (2002-2004):
On my job I was involved in the construction and maintainance of a set of websites for Auto Italia.
Remark: All of these sites have been redesigned in the meantime by other companies.

  • Alfa Romeo - www.alfaromeo.ro (October 2003);
  • Fiat & Alfa Romeo Car Configurators - www.fiat.com.ro/configurator, www.alfaromeo.ro/configurator (October 2003);
  • Fiat & Alfa Romeo Car Configurators - reduced versions used as info-kiosks at SIAB 2003 (September 2003);
  • Fiat Doblò - www.fiatdoblo.ro (June 2003);
  • Fiat Albea - www.fiatalbea.ro (March 2003, award-winning website at Internetics 2003);
  • Alfa Romeo (Mai mult decat frumoasa) - www.alfaromeo.ro (February 2003, replaced in October 2003 by a new version);
  • Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles - www.comerciale.fiat.com.ro (November 2002);
  • Fiat Automobiles - www.fiat.com.ro (October 2002);

Keywords: HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, PHP (PEAR, Smarty, PHPmailer), MySQL, Adobe Flash, ActionScript.

Other (ancient) Software Development Projects:

  • Sven Bømwøllen (2001-2002)
    Phenomedia AG, Germany (www.phenomedia.de)
    • Single-user multi-level game based on the idea of Pacman;
    • Developed the game following the concept and using the multimedia resources provided by the customer;
    • Keywords: (Visual) C/C++, DirectX, MFC.
Employment history:
  • 2016-present: Softvision, Senior Software Engineer
  • 2010-2016: DG International, Senior Web Developer;
  • 2002-2010: Lunatech, Senior Developer;
  • 1999-2002: Phenomedia Romania, Web Developer;
  • 1997-1999: Cybersoft, Junior Programer.
  • University of Bucharest, Mathematics, Computer Science Department (1996);
PHP, MySQL, XML, JSON, API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, SOLID OOP, DDD, TDD, BDD, Adobe Flash, ActionScript, Macromedia Director, Nintendo DS, Blitz Basic, C/C++, Scrum, Agile Software Development, pair programming, code refactoring, RDBMS, SQL, DOM, Apache, Linux, webmaster, system administrator, SugarCRM, Ruby